Style & Colour Guide

Are you struggling to decide which shape and style of frame will suit your face? Don't worry, you're not alone! It's a common problem that most newbies have when buying their first pair of glasses. So here's our suggestions to help you decide on how your facial geometry should dictate the shape and style of frames to suit you and make that personal choice a lot easier!

Choosing a style of glasses is a very personal and subjective process. If it’s your first time selecting a pair of frames to suit your face, then it can be quite a daunting task. Glasses in most cases can completely transform someones look and if done right, can make a huge difference to someone’s confidence and personality. Done wrong, and it can leave you feeling very self-conscious and unhappy.

So how do you choose the right frames for your face and get it right? In most cases, it’s about addressing the balance between your facial shape, the glasses shape and of course the frame style and colour.

The style and colour of the frame is usually a personal choice and can be selected to reflect your personality, your profession or simply for functional, rather than fashionable usage. So essentially colour is all about you and not your face. In all cases, we firstly recommend that you establish the frame shape and size before embarking on styles and colours. This way, you’ll know what kind of frame will usually be a good fit for your facial features and will quickly narrow down your choice to an easier and smaller set of frames to select from.

Choosing the right style for your face requires you to keep your natural features in mind. And the good news is, the old days of basic rectangular frames are long gone! There’s a whole world of shapes, colours and sizes to choose from and here at Eyelids, we have a great selection that we feel can suit all walks of life.

So where do you start in choosing the right frame? The simple answer is your facial shape. By discovering your overall face features is the key to finding the right frames for you and normally, most advice tends to be narrowed down to two types of facial shape:

1) Oval

2) Square

The challenge however is that most people do not fit exactly into either of these categories. Everyone is unique! So deciding if you’re an “oval” or a “square” can be a really frustrating exercise. In most cases, you may be elements of both so the process is almost impossible to define.

Our advice is to assess your facial features by carefully looking at your face in the mirror or alternatively, ask a good friend for their opinion too. Then decide if your defining features are mostly:

1) Angular

2) Sharper

3) Rounded or

4) Softer

If you’re both angular and rounded which is very common, decide which feature is more dominant. Once you find it, which should be reasonably clear, that’s the category you then fall into.

So now that you know your most dominant facial geometric shape, here’s our rule of thumb. Choose frames that contrast to the shape of your face. It’s that simple! So for example - if your face is more rounded, go for a frame that is angular, square or rectangular that will balance your softer features.

If your face is more angular, heart shapes and squares fall nicely into this category. You can balance and soften more sharper, angular features by selecting rounded frames.

If your features are generally balanced and are not dominantly rounded or angular however, then you are in the fortunate category of those who can pretty much wear any shape they like. Lucky you! Both angular and curved frames will look great on your face so you can have a lot of fun experimenting with different types of frames until you find your personal preference.

But overall, have fun! Choosing a new pair of reading glasses, sunreaders or bi-focals should be an exciting and interesting process as there’s so many styles and colours out there. With prices so low these days, you can easily buy a couple, even a few pairs of glasses for different occasions and change up your look as and when it pleases you.