1. How much do you charge for postage and packaging?

We are a multi-currency store. Postage varies as follows:

UK: £3.00 - free on all orders over £40.00.

USA: $6.00 - free on all orders over $60.00.

IRL: €3.50 - free on all orders over €40.00

DHL Courier delivery UK £11.00;  Europe €18;  USA $25

How long will it take for my glasses to reach me?

UK: 5/7 working days

USA: 7/10 working days

IRL: 1/2 days delivery

3. What payment methods do you accept?

Mastercard, Visa, debit, Visa Credit, American Express and Pay Pal. You can order over the phone if you find the computer difficult or would like a human voice.

4. What does our 100% no quibble guarantee mean?

Exactly what it says - 100% no quibble guarantee! If a pair of glasses is faulty or breaks, we will make a full refund or offer you another pair, whichever you prefer. If you feel the glasses don't suit you, or, are ill-fitting, we will also offer another pair or a refund. Please send the glasses to the appropriate return address, in their original condition. This should be done within 21 days of receipt. No questions asked!

5. Do you use local postal services or couriers and will I have to sign for my order?

We use local postal services to keep cost to our customer down. You will not have to sign for your order. If you are unlikely to be in, it is a good idea to give a work address or instructions as to where to leave your package. Some of our customers say 'leave in shed/next door/ porch/in greenhouse, under pot, in dog flap - the instuctions are too numerous to mention! This is also a good idea if your order is bulky and is unlikely to fit through an average letter box. Customers notes are to be found at check out.

If you select DHL Express delivery you may have to sign on receipt of order unless you give instuctions to leave with a neighbour or in a safe place.

6. How long will it take to get a refund on my credit card?

We do it instantly, but it can take a few days for it to appear on your statement. Naturally we wait for the glasses to be returned! Please email us once they have been posted.

7. What are dioptres?

This is the strength, power of the lens in your reading glasses. We stock 0.00 +0.50, +0.75, +1.25 +1.75 +2.25 +2.75 +3.25 +3.50+3.75 +4.00 +4.50 +5.00 +5.50 and +6.00  in quite a few styles, and +1.00 +1.50 +2.00 +2.50 and +3.00 in all styles - unless they are out of stock.

8. What is a polycarbonate Frame?

It's a very strong plastic frame - durable and hard wearing.

9. What is TR90 memory frame?

It's a strong, flexible material used in the arms, or frame of some of our glasses, making them bendable and virtually unbreakable. They are also comfortable and will return to their usual shape.

10. Do you do reading glasses with different strengths in each lens?

Just recently we have added 'Changers' you can let us know what strength you would like in each lens.Some customers buy 2 pairs of glasses with different strengths and pop out the lenses and insert in the one pair. We don't guarantee the result ! Soaking in warm water will loosen the lens.

11. What does Zero Dioptre mean?

These are a clear lens - they have no magnification. Some people like to wear glasses as a fashion accessory, others need them for a drama or a play.

12. What does dispatched email mean?

It means your order has been posted and will take up to 5/7 working days to reach you depending on what country they are being shipped to. USA and Australia please allow up to 14 days. We do more than our best to satisfy and please our customers, but very occasionally things can go horribly wrong. Sacks can go missing, there are postal strikes and backlogs. But like Richard Branson we try to do more than our best!

13. What is our returns policy?

Simply return them to the appropriate address below for refund or replacement. If it is our fault (sometimes it is!) we will cover the cost of return postage and give you a full refund


Eyelids Limited
Suite 393
51 Pinfold Street
B2 4AY, UK


Eyelids USA

c/o PO Box 505

Oshtemo MI 49077-0505


14. If I make two separate orders do I have to pay for postage twice

Sometimes a customer places an order, and then spots another pair of glasses that they would like, but does not want to pay P&P again. Place the order and put a note in customers' notes at check out to let us know. Where possible we will refund the postage on the second order and pack both orders together - provided it is not a few days later.

15. Will you keep all my information private.

Yes absolutely. All your information is kept strictly private. We will never, under any circumstances, sell or pass your information on to anyone.