Just to say I have received the replacement glasses and wanted to let you know that I am very pleased and impressed with your excellent service and the quality of your products. My Sister was very pleased with the gift I bought of make-up glasses and I have had some good compliments on my purple ones.
A very pleasing experience with your company and I will use again, thank you.
Hi. I don't see any information on your site about orders from Europe. I'm in France. Will you post here? You have a great selection at +1.00 strength, which other stores often don't seem to go down to.
Thanks in advance
(Yes we ship all over Europe)
Thanks John, that is satisfactory, would recommend your business to anyone. Five stars
Thanks for the great service. I have just ordered 2 pairs of glasses for my wife off you and I am sure that a few of my friends will also be impressed.
Thanks so much will shop with you again very pleased with your quick response.
These are great, just right for reading in bed without the light keeping my husband awake! Excellent service.
Many thanks John and happy Christmas to you too. And thanks for sorting this out so painlessly
Many thanks for your prompt response.
I am very impressed with your service and will definitely buy from you again.
We've ordered glasses from Eyelids two times - the glasses are great quality and excellent value. Even better, however, is the customer service - friendly, efficient, and fair ! Glasses by mail order seemed
like a bit of a risk but the selection of over the counter reading glasses can be pretty limited in shops and Eyelids has a huge range, so we took a chance on them and have not looked back. We simply
returned the glasses that didn't look right and kept the ones that did. A quick delivery and no-quibble refund for the pairs we didn't want. I couldn't have asked for more!
You'll never guess what happened, two lots of glasses arrived a couple days apart!!!
I'll return the second lot to you shortly.
Thank you for your excellent customer service :-)
We received the replacement glasses on Friday the 21 and sent the original pair pack in the envelope provided.
Can I just say thank you for the prompt and easy resolution of the issue.
I was quite frankly amazed at how easily it was dealt with.
I could not find a feedback section of your website but please feel free to use my comments and name in any promotional material you produce.
I cannot rate the service higher.
Thanks too for the prompt despatch of my spectacles which I received today. I’m delighted with my NOAM spectacles and will be ordering again from you !!
Thanks for getting back to me. It was the black pair rather than the blue one, code CD2BLK and at 2.00 magnification.
Thanks ever so much for your help. Your company is a really good one with which to do business.
Thank you for your email. Your response is swift, refreshing and a relief, frankly, as I've had less positive experiences.
I will be able to take the glasses with me on holiday then, I do appreciate that.
Once again; thank you very much.
I received my replacements yesterday – superb service, considering I had made the error of ordering the wrong items in the first place! No quibbles, no questions, just straight replacement!
I cannot praise your company enough – please add my comments to your testimonial page.
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