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Where did I leave my glasses

by Natalie
  • In the car, the restaurant, the shops, the bathroom
  • The garden, on my head!!
  • The kitchen, the office, the gym.
  • The golf bag, tennis bag, fishing gear.
  • The roof of the car!
  • My pocket - but which one??!!
  • Under the couch, under the bed, under the duvet
  • Hanging out of the branch of the apple tree?
  • In the box of Christmas decorations, now in the attic until next year
  • In the fridge, the washing machine, the dryer?


The list is endless, too many places and too much time wasted looking for them.



  • Buy a pair for each room, each activity and leave them there
  • Try a pair of Long Arms, these glasses will stay around your neck when not in use
  • Use a cord - no more looking for your specs
  • Buy a pair of Magnetic Black or Tortoiseshell 


Send us your lost and found reading glasses stories...




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