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Warmer Weather

by Natalie
posted in: Lifestyle

With the warmer spring weather you may find yourself gardening, golfing or generally outdoors a lot more.

You may find like me, that you will find an old pair of reading glasses in the soil! With a thorough clean they were still wearable.

The only problem is I need a slightly stronger magnification. Luckily at Eyelids, we do quarter magnifications. +1.00 +1.25 +1.50 etc in many of our styles.

Despite the warmer weather John refuses to cut the grass this early in the year. Most of our neighbours have nicely trimmed lawns. Ah well you can't have perfection in a partner!


I am a keen golfer and the ball is beginning to run a little. I have a spare pair of glasses to enter my score.

I also have a hand held magnifying glass in my bag.

That way I can glance at the index and distance without having to put on glasses!


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