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Reading glasses frame and colour guide

by Natalie
posted in: Style guide

Muddled, new to reading glasses? 

I'm not surprised, when I started wearing reading glasses (a few years ago now!) I had no idea there was such a range of shapes and types.

Here is a short guide of the different types of glasses available in Eyelids. Please scroll to the bottom of the page to see a photo of named glasses

  • Full lens - the entire lens is magnified see Fuschia 
  • Half lens - this will allow you to look into the distance and look down to read - see Amos
  • Half moon - great for wear slightly down your nose and allow you to look into the distance - see Emerson
  • Folding - great for pockets, bags, holidays and restaurants - see Folding#1
  • Bifocal Reading - no need to take glasses on and off as there is no magnification at the top of the lens - see Adam
  • Bifocal Sunreaders - no need to take glasses on and off as there is no magnification at the top of the tinted lens - see Cannes
  • Sunreaders - great for reading in the sun with a fully tinted lens - see Cadiz
  • Computer Glasses - see anti-blue ray glasses called -  Nick or Joel
  • Long arm Glasses - great for leaving around your neck when not in use - see Long Arms #5
  • Make-up Glasses - put on your make-up accurately!  See Make-up glasses


What shape and what colour frame reading glasses will suit you.

Relax this is simple!

Firstly figure out your shape face.

Oval: Think of an egg

Round: Think of a football

Square: Forehead and jaw width are equal

Heart: Pointed at the jaw with wide forehead


Now think opposites!

Square: Choose round or oval frame glasses - suggestion

Heart: Select aviators or rimless frame

Round: Try rectangular or square.

Oval: Lucky you, any style will suit!


Skin Colour: 

If you have a fair skin tone:

Choose: Neutrals, darker colours for contrast, tortoiseshell

Avoid: Gold and green

If you have a sallow skin:

Choose: Tortoiseshell, green and gold, deep browns, reds, yellow

Avoid: Neutrals

Or be anarchic and do the opposite!


Hair Colour:

Honey blond hair: Choose pink, brown and tortoiseshell

Strawberry blond hair: Select black, blue or purple

Brown hair: Try green, red, gold and tortoiseshell

Red hair: Go for tortoiseshell and green

Black hair: Try blacks, greens, reds or purple

Grey or White hair: Select bright red, purple, black, grey or white


Five colours that suit everyone (according to the experts)

1. Purple - see Topaz, Clover and Speckled Purple from our range of reading glasses

2. True Red - no orange or blue undertones - See Sasha, Ruby, Peru Red, Lee Red

3. Emerald Green - see Cosmo, Meg, Holly

4. Hot Pink or Fuschia - see Ava

5. Turquoise - see Jett, Halo


Finally, finally if you are not sure try tortoiseshell as it will suit most complexions and hair colours.

These are only suggestions. You will probably know what suits you best.




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