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Frame Shape to suit you

by Natalie

Shape of frame to choose: This is easy - think opposites: 


1. Square Shape Face: Choose round, dark, rimless or semi-rimless glasses

 A square face is characterised by a wide forehead and jaw

Suggested styles: Lennon, Paris or Edward 


2. Round Shape Face: Choose square, or fully rimmed glasses.

Avoid small or round frames.

 Suggested styles: Cosmo, Kim or Trek


3. Heart shape Face: Face shape is characterised by wide forehead and narrow chin - a sweetheart face shape!

 Choose round, thin frames. Rimless is very flattering for you.

 Suggested styles:  Janice, Peru or Cris


4. Oval shape face (like an egg)

 You are very lucky, any shape will suit you: oversized, square, rectangular.

 Suggested styles: Azure, Dean or Pisa