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Eye Health information

What is the difference between near-sighted and far-sighted?

Nearsighters can read a book but can't see the distance. Their prescription will be a minus

Farsighters can do the opposite - can't read a book but can see into the distance. Their prescription will be a plus.

We at Eyelids love 'Farsighters' as we only sell glasses for reading.

Are you aged 40+? 

Around the age of 40, the muscles at the back of your eye begin to weaken. My husband, John, got a terrible fright when he suddenly found that reading small print was a problem. There is no shame in this, it is easily remedied. A slight magnification, of say +0.50 or +0.75, makes all crystal clear again. The medical term for this is PresbyopiaWearing reading glasses will not accelerate the loss of near vision but it will certainly make life much easier. And you can look pretty cool in a pair of funky glasses worn with confidence.

Protect you eyes:

Wear sunglasses that give 100% UV protection

Don't look directly into the sun

Wear reading glasses with an anti-reflective coating (see suggestions below from Eyelids)

Even if you need no magnification correction (YET!) wear computer glasses with no correction ie no magnification.



Pictogram guide for your eyes.

by Natalie
Eye diseases, protection for your eyes, foods for your eyes

Protecting against UV rays

by Natalie
A few suggestions...

Eye Health Information

All you need to know about your eyes 

When to start wearing reading glasses

Are you aged between 40-45 ? Is small print a problem?