About us

Eyelids provides good quality, fashionable, and above all, affordable reading glasses on line.

We have a large selection for men and women and many of our styles cross over into the unisex category.  We try to cater for all tastes, sizes and strengths and to keep a balance between colourful and traditional.

So in the colour spectrum you will find black and tortoiseshell along with floral, purple,orange, green, red, yellow, blue and two-tone - you could match any outfit! As for styles you will be able to choose full lens, half-lens, half-moon, round, rectangular, square, slimline, tube and folding.

Our dioptres (power or strength of your reading glasses) range from +0.00 +0.50 +0.75, including +1.25 and +1.75, +3.25 +3.75 up to + 6.00. Powers +5.00 +5.50 and +6.00 are available in very fashionable and colourful styles. +1.00 to +4.00 are available in most styles. 

We now have bifocals - both clear and tinted, and safety glasses. Bifocals are clear at the top with a small magnification at the bottom so you can continue to wear them when not reading. 

Need a compact pair of folding glasses for your pocket or your handbag? - we have a great selection.

We continue to improve our range of Sunreaders which have tinted lenses with full magnification. These are ideal for reading with ease in the sun and eliminating the need to juggle with sunglasses and reading glasses. Our newest stock is very colourful and the very latest in fashion.

Just recently we included make-up glasses. They can, of course, be used for a variety of other tasks - like putting in contact lenses, eye drops etc.

A final addition to our range is our Night Readers - great for reading at night and for fine detail work in poorly-lit conditions.


We are very fussy about 5 things:

  • Security of credit cards and privacy of our customers' details.
  • Customer service and satisfaction.
  • Communication – prompt replies to emails and phone calls
  • Prompt delivery
  • Good quality glasses at a low price


As we are working in cyber space we like to try and offer as friendly and as personal a service as possible. We are a family run business - everyone helps and everyone cares about the customer and the glasses.

Enjoy ordering from the comfort of your home. No worries about parking costs, traffic jams or inclement weather!

Please call us if you need any help with selection of glasses. Feel free to order by phone if you find high-tech a bit intimidating or your computer is misbehaving, all credit card details are instantly shredded once the order is processed. If we don't answer it is because we are busy or playing the very occasional game of golf! If you would like us to call you back, please leave a message outlining how we can help. Don't be surprised if we call you in the evening - we don't work around the clock but sometimes it is quicker and easier to deal with calls after a busy day. Emails are always answered on the day if possible.


By the way, about three to four months after you place an order with us, we send out a short reminder email. You can easily unsubscribe from our emails at that point if you would prefer not to receive them any more.